Privacy Policy

Let’s have a look at the privacy policy which ensures safety of your personal data

Web 3 Creations ensures that it is complied with the laws of the country in which it operates such as general data protection regulation.

We at Web 3 Creations only use your personal data for the purposes which are according to the law and privacy policy.

Web 3 Creations is committed to securing all your sensitive details whenever you do online transactions with online vendors that uses Web 3 Creations payment gateway solutions. Merchants will frequently use Web 3 Creations’ payment solutions when companies or customers uses a credit or debit card over the internet, telephone, fax or integrated online transfer at the point of sale.

Personal data security and safety at Web 3 Creations

Web 3 Creations understands its responsibility to keep all your personal information confidential whenever you do electronic transfer. Any information that Gincy Webinfotech gathers in connection with such transfers is kept highly confidential, whether the information is taken directly from a cardholder or company. Web 3 Creations protects personal information to the Payment Card Industry according to Data Security Standards (“PCI-DSS”).

Web 3 Creations is committed to data security laws. It uses a variety of technologies like end to end encryption and procedures to help protect your personal information from unauthorized access by anyone, use or disclosure. As for example, we store your data in highly advanced computer servers with limited access that are located in highly secured places and also secured by advanced CCTV cameras and advanced security mechanisms. When Web 3 Creations transmits information which is sensitive (such as a payment card number), it is protected through the use of encryption, like Secure Socket Layer (“SSL”) protocol.

While doing online transfers through us safety and security of your personal data are guaranteed. It provides you peace of mind whenever you do electronic transfer by keeping your personal data like credit or debit card detail extremely safe by using highly advanced technologies.